Being unique and contemporary

The client’s criteria

In this case too the size of the villa – we’re talking about 1300 sq.m. – was an important consideration; the client also requested the design, assembly and installation of bespoke furniture.

  • Year: 2016
  • Project number: 9006
  • Owner: Private villa
  • Type: Private
  • Place: Moscow
  • Size: 1300 sq.m.

Our solution

We took care of every detail of the planning, in particular the supply of made-to-measure furniture, marble, parquet and stairs, with extreme attention paid to precise measurements. To this end, our artisans travelled to the site several times until the project was completed. This allowed them to oversee the work as well as check its accuracy.


The project

The villa has two halls. The first of these is circular, with three doors giving access to the area reserved for guests, the owners’ quarters and – lastly – to the second hall. Here there’s a floor with concentric lines reminiscent of the ripples of water when a stone is dropped into a pool. The ground floor contains two very special and technically bold features: the fireplace and the bannister of the staircase. The fireplace is completely carved and massive in scale: more than 2 metres tall and almost 4 metres wide. The bannister is made completely in iron, with a handrail and details in steel with a brushed finish, all without visible welding. Technically it was fairly complex to fold the three-dimensional square-shaped steel to follow the direction of the staircase.


An impeccable result, considering the great technical difficulties in both measurements and the installation of the staircase. The staircase itself was greatly appreciated.