Customise without distractions

The client’s criteria

The interior design of this dacha – or Russian country house, mostly built in wood – was commissioned during the building’s construction phase. Furthermore, we were asked to devote plenty of space to the placement of photos taken by the client and owner.

  • Year: 2010
  • Project number: 7046
  • Owner: Private
  • Type: Dacha
  • Place: Moscow 
  • Size: 890 sq.m.

Our solution

The first big challenge in this project was undoubtedly handling the planning phase concurrently with the dacha’s construction. To optimise the planning, we focused on the measurements of the rooms, and adjusted the design accordingly several times.

However, the most demanding part was the placing of the photos, many of which were taken during safaris. We identified a room with a suitable wall space where the photos could be hung and installed a lighting system to highlight them while leaving the rest of the room in darkness.


The project

Although the dacha is built in wood, the furnishings make it appear far from a rustic country house. Outstanding features are the swimming pool, the large living room and the exhibition room with a system of directional spotlights in the ceiling. The rooms are extremely comfortably furnished and designed for relaxation.


Completing the project regardless of the difficulties we encountered was a challenge but also our most important success. We have subsequently worked on other projects for the same client.