Like a museum

The client’s criteria

A specific and very unusual request for this private apartment in central Moscow: the creation of a museum-house where the owner’s countless works of art could be housed and displayed, and at the same time, a functional apartment which was pleasant to live in.

  • Year: 2012
  • Project number: 8032
  • Owner: Private
  • Type: Private 
  • Place: Central Moscow
  • Size: 269 sq.m.

Our solution

We decided to create an evocative atmosphere like the interior of an art gallery. An atmosphere which could provide a dip into the past and a genuine journey into history. We used copies of bas-reliefs from the Parthenon and placed a work of art in every room of the apartment in order to create a themed journey and a common thread. We then focused on the apartment’s particular layout, which featured two separate areas which were very different from each other.


The project

The apartment is divided into two very different areas. The living area lies diagonally to the sleeping area, and there is a circular space in the centre, where a fresco was placed. Inside this space – concealed by a sliding wall – is the guests’ toilet. In the sleeping quarters, meanwhile the entrance to the private bathroom is particularly interesting. Here we used a plasterboard division to create two dressing rooms: his and hers.


A museum-house where various works of art can be displayed. Embellished by bas-reliefs and frescoes in a setting that’s austere yet richly detailed, the apartment becomes an expression of quality and luxury. For us this was a lengthy and successful job, and the result was much appreciated by the owner, who subsequently decided to entrust us with a further project.