Like precious stones

The client’s criteria

Four apartments in the St Regis residential complex in Miami Beach: three apartments in the north wing of the building, and the fourth a penthouse in the central section of the complex.

The client’s most important criteria was the desire to give the apartments a specific theme, while making each one distinctive in its own right. All to facilitate the sale of the apartments.
Our aim was to create a modern style, bringing continuity between the interior and the exterior, which is dominated by the views.

  • Year: 2013
  • Project number: 5021-10/18/20 – 5023
  • Owner: Regis Hotel
  • Type: Commercial
  • Place: Miami Beach – FL USA
  • Size:315 mq

Our solution

To meet all the client’s criteria we created a new overall identity and new spaces based on a guiding theme: precious stones. We chose one stone for each apartment, giving it the corresponding name and using it as inspiration for the interior decor. We also reorganised the division of interior space.


The project

Emerald, Amber, Ruby and Diamond are the names chosen for the apartments. In the three apartments in the north wing, we created an open-plan space by removing the central walls, with the aim of enhancing the views outside, which were initially blocked by the wall enclosing the kitchen. We created two very distinct sleeping areas. The area for the owners and the area reserved for guests: a deliberate decision to create a clear distinction and ensure privacy. The owners’ sleeping area gives access to two terraces and has two separate dressing rooms.
The Diamond apartment, meanwhile, is characterised by colour tones and objects that evoke the precious stone, and features an unusual solution for access to the sleeping area. Entry to the bedroom is via the dressing room area, with mirrored doors that create particular arrangements of reflections. At the end of the corridor, doors on either side lead to the marble-clad bathroom: white Carrara and black Marquinia, and the bedroom, furnished in inviting warm colours.


All the client’s expectations were fulfilled. The three apartments in the north wing were sold with the entire decor, with no specific changes requested, while the penthouse apartment was kept by our client, who found it impossible to give it up.