Playing with mirrors

The client’s criteria

In this project the client’s request left no room for doubt: Every detail and every corner of the apartment must emanate classical Russian style, despite being located in France.

  • Year: 2014
  • Project number: 8056
  • Owner: Private apartment 
  • Type: Private
  • Place: Monte Carlo, France
  • Size: 183 sq.m.

Our solution

The classic Russian style of furnishing is characterised by luxurious, exquisite rooms, packed with late-Baroque details and precious materials. To fulfil the brief and fully represent the style of Russia, we aimed above all to create an environment which was not excessively overdone, in light of the limitations imposed by the nature of the apartment itself. To achieve this, we used shades of gold, crystal and pale marble and placed numerous mirrors in corridors and the dressing room, to expand the space and make it lighter and more pleasant.


The project

The apartment is characterised by shades of gold, glass and pale marble, with mirrors to make the rooms larger and provide depth, so that the fairly low ceilings did not become heavy. Mirrors were the predominant element in our decor. The main feature in the very large living room is the horseshoe-shaped sofa, divided into five sections each almost two metres long, to seat more than ten people.


We interpreted the luxurious elegance of traditional Russian decor with lightness and originality. This was a lengthy process of planning and execution which was fully appreciated by the client and naturally brought great satisfaction to our team.