Tradition, style and value

The client’s criteria

We are very fond of this project because it occurred at a time of extreme change in our firm and in many ways it constituted a new beginning. Furthermore, the project was commissioned when the villa had not yet been built and so it represents an important example of how interior design can work hand in hand with architectural planning and construction.

  • Year: 2002
  • Project number: 6098
  • Owner: Private villa 
  • Type: Private
  • Place: Moscow 
  • Size: 1150 sq.m.

Our solution

In this project, the architecture was also designed by us. In fact, after a preliminary meeting with the client, our architect and designer conceived and proposed the villa’s external structure as well as its internal layout. The proposal was accepted by the client. The design was developed and shared with all parties.


The project

The villa is completely classical in style and the layout of the rooms is traditionally Russian. At the same time, there are more European touches which soften the overall style. The entrance hall features a grand circular staircase which runs along all the walls, but without interrupting the view towards the living room. The villa is organised according to tradition, with the ground floor used for living and the first floor for sleeping.


Classic rooms, yet timeless style and quality: the best possible outcome.