The dream begins with a plan.

It all starts with a desire, which passes through seven stages and becomes reality.


The first meeting with the client is a mixture of curiosity, instinct and experience. Curiosity allows us to understand the type of furniture required; instinct enables us to interpret the client’s desires. Experience, meanwhile, allows us to identify an idea which the client very often has difficulty expressing clearly. This initial phase can last until the guidelines are established.

The proposal

in this second phase, we present our proposal, based on all the technical information and the guidelines previously identified. The proposal sets out the arrangement and the changes to be made in the various rooms; this is shared with the client and, if approved, means we can go ahead with the work.

Development of the project

This is the longest phase because it consists of developing the design through the use of plans and perspective drawings, and there’s never just one solution, there’s always a reasonable alternative. During this phase the materials to be used and any standard furniture are identified.

The consultation

A further meeting in which the entire project is delivered on paper along with samples of materials and colours. This is a lengthy and detailed meeting in which every option is examined and evaluated. After this meeting, the client has all the time he or she needs to decide.

Bespoke work

Once all the details of the project have been approved, we start work on the rooms. Beginning with the bare walls and any necessary demolition work, and culminating in bespoke furniture. Everything in its place and done properly, with close attention to every tiny detail.

Standard furniture

While stage 5 is happening, the standard furniture chosen with or on behalf of the client is ordered. Standard items of furniture are positioned only after the bespoke furnishings are installed.

The handover

Everything is perfect. After the finishing touches we reach the end of our long journey and we’re ready to deliver a freshly-made dream just as it was conceived, told and imagined.